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Python SDK Documentation

This python package allows ease of access to calls to the BoonLogic Nano API.


The BoonNano SDK is a Python3 project and can be installed via pip.

pip install boonnano

License setup

Note: A license must be obtained from Boon Logic to use the BoonNano Python SDK

The license should be placed in a file named ~/.BoonLogic.license

  "default": {
    "api-key": "API-KEY",
    "server": "WEB ADDRESS",
    "api-tenant": "API-TENANT"

The API-KEY, WEB ADDRESS, and API-TENANT will be unique to your obtained license.

The .BoonLogic.license file will be consulted by the BoonNano Python SDK to successfully find and authenticate with your designated server.

Connectivity Test

The following Python script provides a basic proof-of-connectivity:

import boonnano as bn
import json
import sys

# create new nano handle
    nano = bn.NanoHandle('default')
except bn.BoonException as be:

# open/attach to nano
success, response = nano.open_nano('my-instance')
if not success:
    print("open_nano failed: {}".format(response))

# fetch the version information for this nano instance
success, response = nano.get_version()
if not success:
    print("get_version failed: {}".format(response))
print(json.dumps(response, indent=4))

# close/detach the nano instance
success, response = nano.close_nano()
if not success:
    print("close_nano failed: {}".format(response))

Running the script should yield something like:

% python
    "release": "dev",
    "api-version": "/expert/v3",
    "nano-secure": "3c40f1d6",
    "builder": "f5db0682",
    "expert-api": "f6643822",
    "expert-common": "c0575a50",
    "swagger-ui": "914af396"