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Matlab SDK Documentation

This Matlab class allows easy access to the functions provided in the BoonLogic Nano API.

NOTE: In order to use this package, it is necessary to acquire a BoonNano license from Boon Logic, Inc. A startup email will be sent providing the details for using this package.

Installation of BoonNano

License Configuration

Note: A license must be obtained from Boon Logic to use the BoonNano Matlab SDK

The license should be saved in ~/.BoonLogic.license on unix machines or C:\Users\<user>\.BoonLogic.license on windows machines. This file will contain the following format:

  "default": {
    "api-key": "API-KEY",
    "server": "WEB ADDRESS",
    "api-tenant": "API-TENANT"

The API-KEY, WEB ADDRESS, and API-TENANT will be unique to your obtained license.

The .BoonLogic.license file will be consulted by the BoonNano Matlab SDK to successfully find and authenticate with your designated server.

Connectivity Test

The following Matlab script provides a basic proof-of-connectivity:


% create new nano handle
nano = BoonNanoSDK('default');

% open/attach to nano
[success, response] = nano.openNano('my-instance');
if success
    fprintf('Created New Instance! \n');
    fprintf('Failed To Create New Instance \n');

% fetch the version information for this nano instance
[success, response] = nano.getVersion();
if success
    fprintf('Boon Nano API Version: %s \n', response.api_version);
    fprintf('getVersion() Failed \n');

% close/detach the nano instance
[success, reponse] = nano.closeNano();
if success
    fprintf('Closed Instance... \n');
    fprintf('closeNano() Failed \n');

Running the BoonNano_ExampleUsage.m script should yield the following output:

    Created New Instance!
    Boon Nano API Version: expert/v3
    Closed Instance...


Example Scripts