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Excel plugin for Boon Nano

Excel Add-in for Nano-Saas

This Excel Add-in allows users to quickly process their data using the Boon Logic Nano-Saas.

NOTE: In order to use this package, it is necessary to acquire a BoonNano license from Boon Logic, Inc. A startup email will be sent providing the details for using this package.

Loading the Excel Add-in

  1. Download the Boonnano.xlam file from the Boonlogic Github page
  2. If it is not already added, activate the Developer tab in Excel. For instructions on how to do this, go here

  3. From the Developer tab, select the option with a gear icon, labelled Excel Add-ins.

  4. Select Browse... and select the Boonnano.xlam file downloaded in step one.

  5. Make sure Boonnano is checked in the list and click ok.

  6. To start using the Add-in, add the macro to the quick access toolbar for ease of future use. See this site for instructions.

License Configuration

Note: A license must be obtained from Boon Logic to use the BoonNano Excel Add-in

The license should be saved in ~/.BoonLogic.license on unix machines or C:\Users\<user>\.BoonLogic.license on windows machines. This file will contain the following format:

  "default": {
    "api-key": "API-KEY",
    "server": "WEB ADDRESS",
    "api-tenant": "API-TENANT"

The API-KEY, WEB ADDRESS, and API-TENANT will be unique to your obtained license.

The .BoonLogic.license file will be consulted by the BoonNano Excel Add-in to successfully find and authenticate with your designated server.

NOTE: It is important that the file is named and placed correctly.
Check for:

  • the file starts with a period
  • both the B and the L in BoonLogic is capitalized
  • the extension is a .license file
  • the file is in your user home directory (/Users/<user>/.BoonLogic.license or C:\Users\<user>\.BoonLogic.license)

Initial Check

Once the macro is added to the quick access toolbar and the license file is downloaded correctly, selecting the Boonnano icon in excel will setup the notebook to look something like the following image: InitialSnapshot