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Boon Amber R SDK

An R SDK for Boon Amber sensor analytics


install.packages("BoonAmber_1.0.0.tar.gz",  repos = NULL, type="source")


Credentials setup

You’ll need the devtools package in order to build the API. Make sure you have a proper CRAN repository from which you can download packages.

Note: An account in the Boon Amber cloud must be obtained from Boon Logic to use the Amber SDK.

The username and password should be placed in a file named ~/.Amber.license whose contents are the following:

    "default": {
        "username": "AMBER-ACCOUNT-USERNAME",
        "password": "AMBER-ACCOUNT-PASSWORD",
        "server": ""

The ~/.Amber.license file will be consulted by the Amber SDK to find and authenticate your account credentials with the Amber server. Credentials may optionally be provided instead via the environment variables AMBER_USERNAME and AMBER_PASSWORD.