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OpenAPI spec version: 2.0.0

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class PutDataRequest (vector=None, fusion_rule='default')

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PutDataRequest - a model defined in Swagger

Instance variables

var fusion_rule

Gets the fusion_rule of this PutDataRequest.

If submit, the fusion vector will be submitted for inference on this request. If nosubmit, this request will not trigger an inference. If default, follow the rules for the submitted features.

:return: The fusion_rule of this PutDataRequest. :rtype: str

var vector

Gets the vector of this PutDataRequest.

Updates to apply to the current fusion vector.

:return: The vector of this PutDataRequest. :rtype: list[FusionFeature]


def to_dict(self)

Returns the model properties as a dict

def to_str(self)

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