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python sdk for interfacing with Boon Logic's Amber Cloud


Boon Amber Python SDK

An SDK for Boon Amber sensor analytics


The Boon Amber SDK is a Python 3 project and can be installed via pip.

pip install boonamber

Credentials setup

Note: An account in the Boon Amber cloud must be obtained from Boon Logic to use the Amber SDK.

The username and password should be placed in a file named ~/.Amber.license whose contents are the following:

    "default": {
        "username": "AMBER-ACCOUNT-USERNAME",
        "password": "AMBER-ACCOUNT-PASSWORD",
        "server": ""

The ~/.Amber.license file will be consulted by the Amber SDK to find and authenticate your account credentials with the Amber server. Credentials may optionally be provided instead via the environment variables AMBER_USERNAME and AMBER_PASSWORD.

Connectivity test

The following Python script provides a basic proof-of-connectivity:

import sys
import json
from boonamber import AmberClient, AmberCloudError, AmberUserError

# if you wish to turn off tls certificate warnings
# import urllib3
# urllib3.disable_warnings()
# Alternatively invoke python with -Wignore

# At initialization the client discovers Amber account credentials
# under the "default" entry in the ~/.Amber.license file.
#amber = AmberClient(verify=False)
amber = AmberClient()

    # Get a list of all sensors belonging to the current user.
    version_info = amber.get_version()
except AmberCloudError as e:
    # AmberCloudError is raised upon any error response from the Amber server.
    print("Amber Cloud error: {}".format(e))
except AmberUserError as e:
    # AmberUserError is raised upon client-side usage errors with the SDK.
    print("Amber user error: {}".format(e))

print(json.dumps(version_info, indent=4))

Running the script should yield output like the following:

$ python
    "release": "0.0.405",
    "api-version": "/v1",
    "builder": "ec74f421",
    "expert-api": "dee23681",
    "expert-common": "300a588e",
    "nano-secure": "61c431e2",
    "swagger-ui": "914af396"

where the dictionary {} lists all sensors that currently exist under the given Boon Amber account.

Full Example

Example to demonstrate each API call

Fusion Example

Example to demonstrate submitting data via the label for individual features of a fusion vector.

Advanced CSV file processor

Example of streaming a .csv file. Full Amber analytic results will be displayed after each streaming request.

Pretrain example

Example of pretraining a .csv file