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Amber javascript SDK


Developers notes

clone package and create a local package

git clone
cd amber-javascript-sdk
npm link
npm install
npm run package

Note: When finished with development, run npm unlink amber-javascript-sdk

seting up example scripts

from amber-javascript-sdk top level directory:

cd examples
npm init -y
npm install amber-javascript-sdk

running sample scripts

from examples directory:

node connect-example.js

publishing a new version of amber-javascript-sdk

regenerating models via codegen

When the amber swagger specification has changed, it will be necessary to regenerate the models and supporting code via codegen. This is done through the following procedure

npm run generate

It may be necessary at this point to edit the src/sdk.js file to update the interface for any new features. For example, a property was added to a model that now needs to become a parameter to an function.