Developers notes

clone package and construct cmake project

git clone
cd amber-cpp-sdk
cmake .

running examples scripts

All project binaries (examples and test) can be found the bin directory


    "api-version": "/v1",
    "builder": "712de01c",
    "expert-api": "55bb36dd",
    "expert-common": "f65c90bf",
    "nano-secure": "aac9f5d0",
    "release": "dev",
    "swagger-ui": "914af396"

running the test_client

test_client is built and installed in the projects bin directory. test_client requires the environment variables AMBER_TEST_LICENSE_FILE and AMBER_TEST_LICENSE_ID are used to select the amber server installation to run the tests against.

The aws cli must be installed on the local test machine and the configured user must have an access role for AWS secretsmanager. See an administrator if you needs this.

The runtest command will assist in running the test client.

To run against the dev environment

./runtest dev

Running with no arguments will provide the full list of test environments

error: enviroment is missing

runtest [v1,v1next,aop,aoc,dev,qa]

publishing a new version of amber-cpp-sdk


model generation

amber-ccp-sdk uses a home-spun code generator to create nlohmann-based models given an amber spec file named swagger.json. The make generate target can be used to create recreate the model definitions.