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documentation on the project for processing DICOM images

Boon Logic

Installation/Update Instructions:

  1. Download the release tgz file
  2. Download the file, available for download here
  3. Moves files onto the server
  4. Run the following command from the download location to update:
    ./ avis-dicom-server-linux-x86_64-rel-<tag>.tgz


Test Server Connection:

curl -X GET http://ip.address:8080/avis-dicom/v1/version
  "avis-dicom-api": "8f7e7b89",
  "avis-dicom-common": "80928067",
  "builder": "5b6ee068",
  "expert-common": "fdcf08e5",
  "nano-py-bindings": "ac00aa9e",
  "nano-secure": "7930648e",
  "release": "v2.4.2"